Christian View : Good or Evil ?

Friday, January 26, 2007
how do you know which one is good people and which one is evil ? how do you measure it ? how would you know one's doing good deed and one's doing evil? how can you differentiate good from evil ?

how would you say that "murder" is evil and "to love" is good ?
how would you know that you are being kind or you are being unkind ?

that would take "consciousness" and "consciousness" formed religion. and religion have been taught and passed through all kind of people all the time, while "consciousness" were granted since we were made and stay at our heart all the time, untill we are no longer live.

do you think that without religion, good people will never do any evil ? I don't believe that. because people are evil by nature, only their "consciousness" that sometimes works well, prohibits them from doing evil. so even without religion people (whether he/she is good or evil, however, in fact I don't believe there are such good or evil people, because all people were born / created with the same "consciousness") will do evil.

and thank God who granted "consciousness" to all of us, so that we can differentiate good from evil. while the rest of it, it would be left to us to take the action. since God also granted "free will" to all of us.

just a thought of mine.. you may ignore it, if you don't agree with it :D

Inspired by Anung's post "Ilumination".

Soli Deo Gloria


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Nice post..
Every body has their own opinion ;)

or maybe it's just me who hasn't been illuminated :p
you will be, soon or later :D
you just need to find a good torch =))
ouch, pagi2 uda topik berat ;)

mo kasih sedikit opini. menurut gw, bukannya pada dasarnya orang itu baik, justru lingkungan dan pengaruh sekitar yg bisa bikin dia evil?

karena pada saat manusia dilahirkan pasti kan tanpa dosa. bayi kan gak ada yg evil. kecuali si Damien Omen kali? hihihi
that's a good one, try to answer this question :

Kalau manusia baik secara natur, dan kejahatan hanyalah merupakan pengaruh dari lingkungan sekitar, mungkinkah di dunia ini menemukan suatu masyarakat yang tidak tercemar ? di mana kejahatan tidak terjadi sedikitpun ?
hai hai.. IMO setuju sama aCen.. pada dasarnya orang itu baik. makanya perlu religion supaya bentuk lingkungan yang positif dan punya pegangan idup dup dup :)
if u think about it,
religions were made by humans afterall. long, long time before ur, our age. how do we know they're passed through generations without changes?
(even pluto is kicked out now :P

for me, it's our doings that count, not our religion.
all : I appreciate all of you thoughts & idea :D

@23 : try to answer the question I gave to aCen

@kuming : that's what we call faith, believing in something without asking for proves. who would count your doings and what it's counted for ?