Friday, March 28, 2008

Visa g uda jadiii..

akhirnyaaa :D

Can't wait for next week to come..


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March, 26th 2008

Wednesday, March 26, 2008
It's been 5 years now..

Time to let go I think..

God help me..

I've made it obvious
So finally I decided it
I'm not so good with acts
Since it seems to be useless
I decided to let it go

Taken from : Obvious
sang by Westlife
modified by Ceemot


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Missed You

Wednesday, March 19, 2008
Today I looked at my old pictures when I was given chance to live in Australia. While looking at those pictures, some memories came accrosed my mind. I remembered the beautiful views and beaches, the hard and scary times, the nice meals & coffee, specially the wonderful moments with friends, and many other things I had there.

Here, I share some pictures that rised my memories and made me missed them..

This one is the view outside of my room window. The park opposites to my unit is so nice, the roses bloom every summer. This park has a short way to get to the City Beach. I onced with Santi went there to get new environment of studying, that was when we already felt "nek" with our rooms. So we decided to study at the park. We brought some chips and drinks. What happened then was that we can't concentrate on our study and we ended up chatting to each other.. hahaha..

Senior citizens sometimes were seen doing their activities or just enjoying the sunshine at the park. Some other times, a mother with her kids had a picnic there too. I wonder if I've ever saw any couples making out at the park. No, I don't think I have. This one seemed to be specially made for senior citizens.

This one is my first home in Oz. This belongs to Vince & Linda O'Sullivan (hope they still own it). It's located at 30 Amaral Drive, in Dapto, about 1 hour to Wollongong City by bus. I love this house very much. It's warm and nicely arranged. It has an outdoor dining room and its garden circles the house. This one's soon to be the model of my dream house. Too bad that it's too far from the campus, so Santi & I decided to move out after staying there for about 2 months.

This are one of two beaches that Santi, LU, AO & I oftenly visited. This is North Wollongong Beach. It has some parks and a very beautiful views. I really love the beaches in Wollongong. This beach provides BBQ facilities, I think it's in the St. Patrick Park. So people are free to have BBQ party here. They will only need to bring oils, meats, seasoning, and drinks.

Between the North Wollongong Beach and City Beach there is a Lighthouse. The lighthouse is pretty famous there. Too bad I forgot to copy the picture here :(

This is the Bus Stop in front of the University of Wollongong. It can be said as one of our hangout places. Since some of our times were spent there, waiting for buses to get us home. It's pretty freezing when we had to wait for bus in the night time or windy or rainy day. But we had some fun there.

Well.. my lovely university. A bit forest-like campus. So many trees and ponds. I think it has about 5 ponds inside the campus complex. Very nice campus though I had one bad and scary experience there.

This is one of roads inside the campus complex that I passed the most. It led to Building 3, where most of my classes were oftenly held.

This is the Asian Cafetaria, provides some Asian meals. My favorite meal was sweet and sour pork ribs. This also one of our hangout places. I found my "Ganteng" here.. hahah..

Best Iced Coffee in the world. Starbuck's Iced Blended Frapucino couldn't even compare to Picasso's Iced Coffee. Only AUD 2.5 for a small cup of Iced Coffee with Choco. This one, I realllllyyyyyyy missed.

Missed the moment when we had a day out to Sydney. Just shopping and shopping hahaha.. No worries of anything hehehe..

One of our hangout places too, while waiting for trains to go back to Wollongong City after having a day out in Sydney.

And the last one...

My lovely friends..

Though some of them are here, working and living with me now. But I missed our togetherness.

That's all..

Really brings back my memories and makes me missed it more.

Hope someday I'll have the opportunity to go back there.

--End of story--


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When You Love Someone

Tuesday, March 18, 2008
When you love someone - you'll do anything
you'll do all the crazy things that you can't explain
you'll shoot the moon - put out the sun
when you love someone

you'll deny the truth - believe a lie
there'll be times that you'll believe you can really fly
but your lonely nights - have just begun
when you love someone

when you love someone - you'll feel it deep inside
and nothin else can ever change your mind
when you want someone - when you need someone
when you need someone...

when you love someone - you'll sacrifice
you'd give it everything you got and you won't think twice
you'd risk it all - no matter what may come
when you love someone
you'll shoot the moon - put out the sun
when you love someone

By Bryan Adams

* Dalaaammmm banget..


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Kok malah ngambek sihhh..
Jangan ngambek dongg..

Duh, jadi tambah ga tenang deh..
Seakan2 bersuka2 di atas penderitaan orang laen..


Dilemma deh...

Ga tau musti seneng apa sedih..

Sebenernya sih seneng..
karena kudapat yang kumau..
tapi sedih...
karena ada yang ngambek..

Plis deee..

Jangan ngambek donngg...

*semoga ini bukan menjadi awal dari suatu perpecahan*


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Monday, March 17, 2008
Dear God,

I'm sorry for being unthankfull
For asking more and more
Than what You've given to me
Forgetting those less fortunate

Today, it maybe a little bit late
Yet, I still want to thank You
For what I've been given
And for what I haven't been given

I'll keep my prayer
For those I haven't been given
Hoping someday those'll be in my way
According to Your will and plan

Thank You, God


PS : Banff, here I come..


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Saturday, March 15, 2008
Hasil presentasi tentang ACM-ICPC Asia Programming Contest kemarin, hasilnya cukup menggembirakan, karena sudah ada persetujuan dari Board untuk mengadakan acara tersebut. Tapi ada challenge yang diberikan dari Board ke g.

Challenge nya yaitu : mendatangkan tim non-local minimal 40 team *what the..*

Ini gara2 WN tu.. pake ngomong waktu di Filipina tim non local yang ikut sampe 80 tim. gubrakkk.. mana adaaa.. padahal cuma 14 tim non local nya.. huhuhu..

Tus ada satu challenge lagi. Berhubung ini event dapet sponsor dari IBM International sebesar USD XXXX, tus juga diharapkan ada sponsor2 lain dari company2 local di Indonesia, kemarin dapet tambahan challenge bahwa pendapatan (sponsorship & pendaftaran) minimal harus sama dengan pengeluaran untuk lomba.

Pengeluaran lomba aja uda sekitar 300jt sekian. Jadi g harus dapat sponsorship minimal 200jt dari company2 di Indonesia. Huhuhu.. gimana caranya ya.. selama ini klo ngadain acara ga pernah bisa dapet sponsor sampe segitu gede. Taon lalu aja cuma dapet 1 sponsor, dapet sekitar 10jt. Klo ga dapet 200jt taon ini, jangan2 gaji g ntar dipotong pula buat nutupin pengeluaran lomba.. hikss... sedih..

Nah.. berhubung dengan challenge ini, mohon bantuan ya dari teman2 para pembaca blog, kalo ada yang company nya bisa membantu ikut mensponsori acara ini, saya sangat berterima kasih sekali loh hahaha.. :D

Acaranya tingkat Asia loh :D jadi kemungkinan akan banyak peserta dari sekitar Asia : Singapore, China, Jepang, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hongkong, Taiwan (semoga.. praying hard starting today..)

Tus juga, bagi teman2 para pembaca blog, kalau mau berbaik hati sekalian dipromosikan acara ini, di tempat2 kalian saat ini tinggal (terutama di daerah2 Asia.. misal : KOREA, JEPANG, SINGAPORE, dll deh :D)

Tus para jollybeers, jollymooers, jangan lupa promosi juga ya.. terutama ke NUS-ers, NTU-ers.. dll deh.. yang kalian kenal yang di Asia, biar pada dateng ke sini.. Klo perlu bilang aja "eh soal di Indo gampang2 loh, cewe nya cantik2 lagi ;;)"

Keterangan ACM-ICPC bisa dilihat di sini.

Terima kasih sebelum dan sesudahnya


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Does It ?


Do you remember once I said to you,
"God, I 'm hoping for 2 things,
Frankly, I really want those 2 things,
But, if I only can choose one,
I'm prefer to get "this" than "that""

Now, I've been told "that" is on my way
I just want to ask You
"Since I've already got "that"
Does it mean that I am not going to get "this"?
Do I still have any chance to get "this" too ?"


*Am I being too greedy ?
But I really want "this" for me.

Still hope for another miracle*


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2 Good News in A Day

Friday, March 14, 2008
First Good News :
Lab Computing yang uda g perjuangin dari 2 taon lalu, akhirnya disetujui. Walaupun harus dengan penambahan di sana sini untuk proposal & presentasinya. Walaupun pake diomel2in dulu sama Rektor. Ga masyalahhhh.. yang penting.. horeeee... Dapet Lab nyaa...

Second Good News :
Yess.. APC jadi diadakan di BINUS..
Jadi buat para mahasiswa yang bisa berbahasa Inggris, Mandarin, Jepang, Korea, India, silakan bersiap2 untuk direkrut menjadi pendamping tim2 dari negara2 tersebut (tentunya kalau ada yang daftar.. heheheh...)


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Not Sure

Thursday, March 13, 2008
An interesting invitation,
Exciting to receive it,
So tempting to join,
Yet so not sure to be involved.

One side said "You should join it."
Another side said "But, what if you get dissapoinment ?"
Another said "You'll never know, if you don't try."
The last said "What if it becomes a mess ?"

Should I join,
Should I not ?
I really want to..
But, I'm affraid..



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A Woman, Am I ?

Monday, March 10, 2008
Bermula dari conference hari ini, awalnya si obrolan berkisar pada Blog Community, usulan Ariep & Anung. Tapi lama2 berbelok ke arah ramal2an, dan BlogComm pun ditinggalkan *semangat Riep* . Nah, dari ramal2an ini, ada ramalan dari mama-Nat tentang g, yang menurut mama-Nat, bahwa g akan married duluan dibanding anak2 blog yang pada blom married.

*Hohoho.. daku senang sekali deh baca ramalannya mama-Nat. Semoga ramalan anda benar adanya ya mama-Nat, sapa tau ada tuah baby nya gitu.. jadi manjur :D heheheh.. AMIN AMIN AMIN*

Nah, sehubungan dengan yang diramalkan sama mama-Nat, ada satu hal yang menggelitik hati juga. Sebenernya uda dari beberapa waktu lalu pengen ditulis, tapi lupa ato masi belom pengen nulis ya g.. hahah.. lupa.. pokoknya blom ditulis aja d.

Ceritanya gini, waktu itu lagi nonton sinetron "Cahaya" *maklum sejak sering pulang cepet jadi sinetron lover :D*, nontonnya bareng San2. Tus waktu itu ceritanya si Talita lagi deket sama Satria, gara2 sesama orang tertolak gitu. Eh akhirnya si Talita jadi suka sama Satria karena sering deket tus juga sering ditolongin sama Satria. Nah dari cerita itu, tiba2 si San2 nyeletuk gini :

"Nah.. emang gitu tuh kalo cewe. Kalo cewe itu, bisa takluk sama cowo kalo diperhatiin, disayang. Tadinya ga suka juga klo diperhatiin terus, pasti akhirnya jadi suka juga."

"Ehmm.. klo gitu, g bukan cewe dong ya :))"

"Lah iya.. kalo lu mah.. kan emang saraf penyambung antar otak kanan & kiri lu uda putus waktu lu jatoh waktu kecil dulu itu."

"Ga sopan lu, si Win Ce juga tuh ga sopan pake bilang gitu, gara2 g ga bisa multitasking."

Apa memang begitu ya ? Klo cewe itu mudah takluk sama yang namanya perhatian dan kasih sayang ? Walopun tadinya ga suka / ga ada perasaan apa2, tapi dengan perhatian dan kasih sayang, lama2 bisa jadi suka ?

Soalnya biasanya g suka sama seseorang bukan karena perbuatan dia ke g, tapi ya suka gitu aja. Dan klo g uda ngerasa ga sreg, orang sebaik apapun sama g, kok ya sampe mati bakalan ga sreg. Malah klo g uda ga suka / ga ada perasaan apa2, orang itu mo sebaek apapun ama g, biasanya g ga akan berubah perasaan. Bahkan malah kadang2 jadi ada perasaan "takut" gitu sama orang itu. Jadi g malah agak2 menjauh.

Tapi klo g uda sreg, walo dia ga pernah berbuat baek sama g, ya maunya
sampai mati sama dia aja gitu..

Hahah.. g jadi berpikir2.. hmm.. apa karena itu ya, g itu susah banget mendapatkan pasangan ?? hahaha.. Gara2 saraf penyambung antara otak kiri dan kanan g putus, jadi g hilang sense of cewe nya ?

Klo emang cewe seperti itu, I wish that I'm a woman, jadi g ga perlu tuh tiap telepon rumah ditanyain melulu, "mana pasangannya ?? kok belom ada siii.. kapan dongggg.. cepetaannnn..."

hufff.. cape deeehhhh


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Jam 9.00

Thursday, March 06, 2008
Horee.. akhirnya g berhasil memenuhi resolusi tahun ini untuk dateng ke kantor jam 9 pagi :D hehehe..

Sebenernya beberapa hari kemarin juga uda beberapa kali juga si dateng jam 9 pagi, tapi kemarin-kemarin itu karena memang ada tugas yang harus dilaksanakan jam 9 pagi. Jadi kesannya datengnya karena ada kewajiban gitu *lah dateng ke kantor ga telat kan emang kewajiban tiap karyawan ya..hahaha..*.

Hmm.. kalau mo jujur si, kedatangan pagi kali ini agak sedikit ada paksaannya juga si, tapi bukan karena paksaan kerjaan, tapi this was part of my deal with my boss :D hehehe.

Jadi gini, waktu minggu lalu g dapet 2x jadwal nguji jam 9.20 pagi. Hari selasa sama hari sabtu. Gara-gara harus begadang maen game fish tycoon baca buku skripsinya dulu, jadi kurang d waktu bobo g. Nah karena utang waktu bobo itu, g jadinya ngantuk terus di kantor. Harusnya utang bobonya mau dibayar pas hari minggu nya, eh ternyata hari minggu kemarin di paksa minta jaga smart day, sama ke Depok, jadi ga bisa bayar utang bobo.

Hari senin & selasa di karantina untuk suatu program kerja, dan harus masuk pagi jam 9 juga. Akhirnya hari rabu kemarin minta ijin masuk siang, mau begadang nonton Milan vs Arsenal bayar utang bobo.

Nah sama boss, g diijinin untuk masuk siang, tapi ada harga yang harus dibayar :((

G harus janji selama seminggu ke depan masuk jam 9 pagi, ga boleh telat.

Hiks.. kejamnya boss ku..

Tapi mau gimana lagi, daripada ngantuk melulu karena utang tidur belom di bayar, lagian juga sekalian belajar dateng ga telat lagi, sekalian memenuhi resolusi tahun ini. Ya sudah lah.. deal aja.

So, here I am today :D jam 9 lewat 15 menit pagi sudah sampai di kampus loh.. hehehe..

Perjuangan berat menanti seminggu depan.. AKU HARUS BISAAAA...


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Andra & The Backbon

Saturday, March 01, 2008
Gara2 nonton Superstar Show.
Episode hari Kamis malam.

Peserta :
- Aline & Debby Sahertian
- Talita & Astrid
- Tommy Kurniawan & (cewe.. lupa namanya)
- Rina & Ki Daus

On Stage :
Eko Patrio (Pembawa acara), Rina (Artis peserta), Ki Daus (Pendamping Artis peserta).

Eko : "Ki, nanti mau nyanyi lagi apa Ki ?"
Ki Daus : "Sempurna..."
Eko : "oo.. emang tau Ki, itu lagu sapa ??"
Ki Daus : "mmm...mm..." (sambil ngeliat ke Rina, minta dibocorin)
Rina : (bisik bisik) "Andra & The Backbone"
Eko : "Sapa Ki yang nyanyi ??"
Ki Daus : "Ucok..."
Eko : "Lah Ki.. yang nyanyi aslinya.. sapa ?? masa Ucok..bukan Ucok.."
Ki Daus : "mmm....mmm..." (lirik Rina lagi) "Aki dikasi tau dong.. Aki ga tau.."
Rina : (bisik2 lagi) "Andra & The Backbone"
Ki Daus : "Indra Lesmana..."
Eko : "yeee... salah atu Ki.. yang nyanyi mah Andra & The Backbone"
Ki Daus : "oohh.. iya.. Andra itu.."
Eko : "coba Ki.. Andra.."
Ki Daus : "iya.. Andra.."
Eko : "And The Backbone.."
Ki Daus : "And The Backbone.."
Eko : "Andra & The Backbone.."
Ki Daus : "Andra & The Backbone.."
Eko : "Tahu ga Ki artinya apa ?"
Ki Daus : "mmm.. Andra kan nama orang yah.."
Eko : "iya.. Andra nama orang.. tus The Backbone apaan Ki ?"
Ki Daus : "And kan dan ya.. kalo Back mah kembali.."
Eko : "Tus.. klo Bone Ki ?"
Ki Daus : "Bon yah.. utang... "
Eko : (ngakak...) "Tus.. jadi artinya apa Ki ?"
Ki Daus : "Yah.. brarti Andra Kembali Ngutang.."
Semua orang : (ngakak)
Eko : "Tus klo tunai Ki ?"
Ki Daus : "Tunai.. yah.. Cash.. jadi Andra and The BackCash.."

G : ngakak sekenceng2nya di kamar sendirian..

Baru tau klo artinya nama band itu Andra Kembali Nguntang =))
Klo si Andra denger apa ya yang akan dia lakukan ?? =))

Aduh si Aki.. bisa aja jawabnya.. tapi yah dimaklumin deh Ki..
abis Aki uda 70 tahun si.. hehehe..

Besoknya :
Diomelin San2..

San2 : "Dasar gila.. malam2 sendirian, ngakak kenceng kaya orang gila..."
G : "Ya maapp.. abis lucu banget.. hahahah"


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