Christian View : Everything has its own time

Thursday, January 25, 2007
From the highest heavens and the lowest earth,
From the beginning of the world to the end of ages,
From angel to worm,
From first motion to last,
You have given each thing its place and time,
You have made good to come from its kind.

-Confessions, St.Augustine-

*horeee.. naek gaji..\:D/*


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aaahhhh bikin iriiiiiiiiiiiiii T__________T
hihihi.. sabar pi.. sabar.. ntar juga naekk.. ingat.. everthing has its own time ;p
HUwaaaaaaaaa muangtabsss...

makan makannnnnnn :))

congrats ya ci ;)
hihihi.. gini aja Nung, tunggu Anung lulus skripsi, ntar saya traktir Anung, Anung traktir saya.. trus sekalian tunggu Epi jadi free lancer & Cipi lulus skripsi juga.. sekalian traktir2an =)) heheheh
very beautiful writing from St. Augustine :)
betul.. betulll :D