My Sister's Keeper

Friday, December 11, 2009
If you were a mom of 2 girls, what would you do when :

1. your older daughter had a leukemia, she needed a kidney donor to make her stay alive.
2. all of your family member can't donate kidney, no match kidneys from them for your older daughter.
3. the only kidney matched to her was your younger daughter's kidney.
4. yet, if she donated her kidney, she would never be able to become a cheerleader, playing soccer/other sports, anything that would need extra energy which were for a little girl it would be her life experiences.

Would you :
1. robbed your younger daughter's experiences of her life for your older daughter's life
2. let your older daughter's go and your younger daughter's to have an energetic life

Or you can watch this drama. The title is "My Sister's Keeper", it can be downloaded here

Quite touching drama for me *I were in tears, not so much though*. It was adopted from a book with the same title. Written by Jodi Picoult. I onced saw the book in Gramed*a Book Store at TA. My friend did buy the book. I was intended to borrow the book, but didn't find the right time to read it, so I never borrowed it. Then I found a review of this movie on a friend's blog. I searched over the net to find the movie. When I found it, I watched it. *thank's friend for sharing it :)*

I love the movie, nice story. Though I think there was a bit difference between the movie and the book, but not really sure. I think in the book, the girls were twin, however in the movie they were not. I love the actress who played Anna. I saw her first in the Little Miss Sunshine *nice movie too* and some other movies. She's the new Dakota Fanning.

Happy watching or Happy reading, if you're interested to know the story and what will the mom do :)


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thx for the review, i will watch it!
uda lihat ? bagus kan..