Be a Pencil, Should I ?

Saturday, December 20, 2008
The pencil maker told his pencils 5 lessons :

1. Everything you do, will always leave a mark
2. You can always correct your mistakes
3. What important is inside you
4. In life, you'll need painful sharpening that'll make you a better pencil
5. You can be the best pencil if you allow yourself to be guided by The Hand that holds you.

I promised to decide today..

I had decided.. I gave my answer..


He asked me to re-think about it again..

I have time till Monday..

Should I say "Yes", but my heart says "No"

Should I say "No", but my head says "It's worth a try"


Pray... Think... Choose... Decide...


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*penuh misteri ^ ^*
pray think choose decide...
dun forget to listen for His answer ^ ^ and may the fight between your head n heart finish soon ^ ^
haiyah mot.. lu bikin gua pusing tiap kali mampir.. untung kali ini gak ada kata this & that :P
ganbatte yoo..
aduh ci yen.. sumpret dah bikin bingung ajaa...

Kemon cie.. tell me yang jelasan dikit atuh :p
It's getting clearer now, Ci.
The answer is simple.
Always follow what your heart says.
lu mau jadi pensil mot? tinggal sering2 di raut aja kok :D

gbu mot.
*garuk2 pala* kaga ngerti... apaan yak?? mau nerima cowok? atau apa yak? duhh jangan bikin kita nebak2 donk ci :)
@tata : finally I've decided

@Viol : hehehe.. maap d da bikin bingung :p moga2 ga ada this & that lagi de :D

@cLynx : makasiiiii

@Anung : ntar de klo da pasti dikasi keterangan lebih lanjut :p

@cipi : makasi cipi :)

@des : hahaha.. ntar tambah kurus dunkz klo diraut terus :p

@fun : heheh.. maap ya fun.. sementara bikin bingung dulu y :D

heard about paulo coeho's story about pencils ?
I think you will like it
Waaah... What is the decision?
@yz : have not.. i'll check it out after i got back to binus :)

@felix : heheh.. i'll tell you when the time comes :)
best answer for situation like this lies inside of yourself..

maybe go spent some time alone thinking.. :P
thanks Yan.. da ambil keputusan ko :)