Love Lessons from God

Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Find this one, and I think it's good, so I decided to share it with you all.

Here are some lessons that might be usefull for you guys with love :

1. Pride's got nothing to do with love
Love and pride, not a perfect match.

2. Sometimes, it's not only him/her who does wrong
If something happens, look at yourself, may be both of you take part on it.
Some people only see that the fault is on the other side.

3. Stop being selfish and don't push your will against each other
Respect what the other's wants, It's not only you who has will and wish to be fulfilled.

4. Have faith, be loyal only to him/her
Never thouhgt that he/she might not be the one, always think that he/she is the one.

5. Be humble, it's not because of you
It's not always because of what you've been doing that makes him/her opens his/her heart for you.

6. Be patient, God has the perfect time for anything
Everything has it's own process, just be patient and keep your faith, and let God does what's best for both of you. Just enjoy the process and wait for the result

7. Surrender to God
Surrender your heart under God's wills and you shall receive the best.

8. His/Her smile is precious
The moment you see a smile or a laugh on his/her face, it's precious. Keep those moments in your heart.

I believe there're still much more lessons to learn about. So just let God teaches you how to love whole heartly.

taken from a friend's blog


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