Another Kenny story

Thursday, October 12, 2006
Last sunday, I went to Carefour with my sister's family. After we did all the shopping, me and my sister were arranging the grocerries while her husband was paying for the grocerries. And Kenny, he was unattended that time. Usually my sister watches for Kenny, but this time since we bought so many grocerries, Kenny was like left unattended by us. One time, me and my sister saw Kenny on an ice-cream machine, puting his finger on the ice-cream melting from the machine. When I saw this, I felt a pity on him, and thought like this "OMG, what a shame on him.. doing that..." and I told my sister better to buy him one cone of ice cream than to see him doing that. So my sister gave me the money and asked me to help her buying Kenny ice cream.

I walked to Kenny with desire to buy him ice cream. Half way to him, I saw that some salesgirls around him were staring at him, and there it was, I saw that too. Under the machine, there was a container to stow the melting ice cream. And you know what, the container that should be empty, or may be contained only small amount of liquid, was now piled up with chocolate ice cream. Kenny was standing in front of it and put his finger on the ice cream and then put it to his mouth, so innocent. The salesgirls now were panicked and didn't know what to do. One salesgirl that responsible for the machine, was walking towards Kenny with a bit angry face, Kenny still with his innocent figure, enjoy the ice cream. Maybe he thought that the ice cream was free. The salesgirl took the container away, and Kenny still try to take some more ice cream with his finger, when he realised that what he did was wrong.

On my half way, I was shocked when I saw the piled up ice cream and I got back to my self when I saw the container was taken away by the salesgirl. I was speeding up my steps and called Kenny to follow me, and I tried to catch up the salesgirl and tried to ask her how much did I have to pay for the piled up ice cream, but she didn't answer. Instead, she put the container under a tap and cleansed it away from the piled up ice cream. Before she did it too far, I interrupted her and asked her not to clean it because I wanted to pay for it. But I guess she was already a bit angry, so that she didn't care with what I asked and kept cleaning it and she told me to buy another one. Before I bought the ice cream I got a chance to be angry to Kenny, but he responded with his innocent face and said "But I Na, I wanted the ice cream..". Well what can I say, given those innocent face, so I bought him one.

Later I felt a bit regret for buying him the ice cream, since I thought that Kenny should be punished for his bad attitude. So that I told my sister to punish him by not allowing him to play PS2 for a day.

*Second bad experience with Kenny, at Carefour*


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wahhh. welcome ciciiii ^___^
ini cici pake yang beta blogger / blogger yang lama ci?

nanti kalo bingung mo edit tampilan blognya, kasi tau aku aja ya ci. ntar aku bantuin. hehe :D
pake yang blogger biasa si.. blom coba yang beta blogger nya..
ok d, ntar klo ada kesulitan contact Cipi d.. :D
olalaa....kenny nakal bener...

ciel..font nya kekecilan nih...pake 11px dunkkk >_<
Buset tu kenny.. kalo anung mah da diunyel unyel dah diaaa :P
@epi : uda diganti, tapi ga ke refresh2 ni..

@anung : ahahaha.. iya.. tadinya juga uda mo diunyel2 si, cuma waktu dia kasi muka innocent, jadi ga tega d :(
enak ya jadi kenny... pasang tampang innocent eh dpt es krim gratis. hihihihi...

* aku lapaaarrrr *
@susi : inga.. inga.. harus diet demi kesempurnaan di hari H :D heheh.. abis itu ntar baru boleh makan es krim sepuasnya...
saya sedia Ben&Jerry's low fat frozen yogurt kok :b
maauuuu :D