No More Pain

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Took long enough to cure the pain.
But I know, this is the perfect time He's planned for me.
Now, I feel no pain anymore.

Though following His plan has never been easy.
Obeying His wills, sometimes makes me want to give up.
But now, I can feel the ease of it.

2 ways of living my life

One is easy,
I just follow my ego,
I just enjoy what I want to do,

But one moment I could fall deep,
one moment I could slip and be broken,
And never be healed unless I surrender to HIM.

And it's not great.

One is not easy,
Sometimes it's against my will.
Sometimes I have to let go of what I really want.

Just to obey what He wants.
Just to follow His wills.
Yet on His perfect time, I can see what's worth of it.

And it's great.

Thanks God..
For giving me the power to have faith on You.
Not on other things or other people.

Soli Deo Gloria

*btw, thanks for the chat, I realise many things from it*


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No pain? No gain dong? :D

let's run cie :p
napa ci? napa? ada apa??
@Anung : kan pain nya da lewat hahah..

ga perlu run lah Nung.. sante aja :)) hidup kan harus dinikmati haha..

@fun : ga ada apa2 kok fun :)
Sorry Ci Yen, but I kind of disagree with it.

It's you who decide what's going to happen with your life. No one else.
hehe.. feel free to disagree with it.. everyone has their own view of life, right :)

as for me.. those above are mine :)